David Chai – YM Youth Ambassador

Collins Rotich – Co-Founder of TDC

Thomas Ongaro – Co-Founder of TDC

Dylan Agar – YM Creatives Member under graphics

Betty Baya – YM Creatives Member under crafts

Ruth Rongoei – 2021 YM Fashion Designer

Faith Makaji – YM Creatives Member under fashion illustration

Shishi – Dj

The Retrogod – Photographer, Videographer, and Content creator

Ian Tiko- Dance and choreography

B47ANS – Music producer /sound engineer

Zephaniah Lukamba – Painter

Chelagat Pauline – Podcaster


Dancan – Body tattoo and piercing artist

Latifa Ismail – Crochet artist

Your-Mentor turns one year old today!
The platform has grown tremendously since it was conceived by the team. We have worked with numerous youth creatives and entrepreneurs operating within four different creative fields: Music, Fashion, Crafts and Graphics.

We believe that the youth are the future of commerce & industry in the region. With that in mind, we will double our efforts in sharing the stories of different individuals who try to turn their talents into a hustle.