Our product line INSPIRED is the symbol of possibility, capability, and influence.
Each product is specially designed with you in mind, to inspire you to conduct your day-to-day activities with positivity.
A positive mindset will give you the drive to live and work to your full potential.
 Logo + Photography by: Kate Ladash

Beaded Mini Pouch

Our beaded mini pouches provide a central place to store your pencils, pens, markers, and much more—rather than having them loosely scattered across your desk or in your bag.  (inclusive of free delivery within CBD area, Nairobi)

US$ 7.99  US$ 9 — Ksh. 799.00  Ksh. 90

Beaded Maxi Pouch

Our beaded maxi pouches provide a pleasurable way of packing your essentials for a short trip. The wide base makes it easy to dig for items at the bottom of the bag. (inclusive of free delivery within CBD area, Nairobi)

US$ 9.99  US$ 12Ksh. 999.00  Ksh. 1200

Crewneck T shirt

Our black crewneck T shirts will give you an instant cool look. The crewneck makes them suitable to be paired with your favourite denim trousers.


Slim fit:  Elegant and classic look. US$ 9.99  US$ 14Ksh. 999.00  Ksh. 1400                                                                Regular: Timeless and remarkable look.US$ 7.50  US$ 12Ksh. 750.00  Ksh. 1200

(inclusive of free delivery within CBD area, Nairobi) 

Mug with inspirational message

Our mugs will fill your heart with positivity and motivation throughout the day.  (inclusive of free delivery within CBD area, Nairobi)

US$ 6.99  US$ 9 — Ksh. 699.00  Ksh. 900


Our notebooks are big enough to draw and the right size to fit in most bags. The spiral binding makes it easy to fold and still remain flat when working on your laps or minimal space. The 400-pages will allow you to put all your project ideas in one place.

US$ 15  US$ 18Ksh. 1500.00  Ksh. 1800

The promo pack

One mug with an inspirational message, 400-page notebookideal for putting all your project ideas in one place + Free pen

US$ 19  US$ 21Ksh. 1900.00  Ksh. 2100.00