About Us


Recast Career Consultants (RCC) is a consulting firm that works with clients who want to increase their visibility and productivity.

Clients who work with us are able to cut costs and save time, by outsourcing one-off communications related assignments. Our goal is to be your partner of choice for improved business visibility and productivity.


We work with a pool of carefully selected experts in various fields, whose services are engaged to deliver premier service to our clients under the supervision of the team leaders.

We serve our clients swiftly and deliver services that meet their expectations. We are very committed and dedicated to help our clients excel in their projects.


  1. Strategic Communications

Work with us to develop your organization’s communications plan for distributing and receiving information effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

The delivery of our strategic communications consulting involves making recommendations for message and information development, selection of communication methods, and scheduling of messages—based on the target audience.

  1. Creative Agency

Work with us to bring information to life using visuals and text.

Through our Creative Agency, we work with graphic designers, briefing developers, photographers, and illustrators to produce high quality finished products for clients.

  1. Capacity Building

Work with us to improve the performance of your team through team-building exercises and work skills training.

We organize capacity-building trainings, workshops, and seminars in:

– Entrepreneurship Training

Business Coaching for Startups

– Organizational Effectiveness Trainings

Team Building/Life Skills Trainings/Strategic Work Planning/Developing Manuals


We run a youth program, Your-Mentor, which is facilitating youths’ involvement in arts and talent based businesses, by providing them with access to information and resources that will enable them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The expected outcome is that youth will have the ability to think critically to identify and take advantage of economic opportunities in the market.


We oversee the production of giveaway items for workshops and seminars. Each product is specially designed with the end users in mind, to inspire them to conduct their day-to-day activities with positivity.

A positive mindset will give you the drive to live and work to your full potential.


To deliver premier service to clients, that promotes success and prosperity, and inspires them to be the change they want to see.


To be the partner of choice for improved business visibility and productivity.


  • Professionalism. We serve our clients exceptionally and swiftly.
  • Integrity. We do what we say we will do.
  • Devotion. We are committed and dedicated to help our clients to excel.