Knocked down but not knocked out: Facing Coronavirus challenges head on

Many people feel that things are getting out of control, due to the ongoing global pandemic that has disrupted life. But, there is hope.

What if we make a deliberate decision right now, to replace the word ‘pandemic’ with ‘challenge’?

Remember, the words we use in our everyday life have power. The power to boost our confidence—or to feel inadequate. The power to create opportunities—or to shut them down.

By replacing the word ‘pandemic’ with ‘challenge’, we shall feel compelled to rise above the challenge—knowing that our survival depends on it.

But, to develop and sustain this type of mindset, it is important to understand that:

Turning things around when down, is the mark of a winner. So, take charge of your life!

There is urgency in preventing things within our control, from getting from bad to worse. So, swing into action now!

Talking and collaborating with others will increase our chances of earning a living and/or increasing our income—because two minds (or more) are better than one. So, reach out to at least two people every week, with the sole purpose of seeking for new ideas, and/or opportunities of getting into a partnership.

Let’s face the ongoing global challenge head on, and we will emerge victorious.  Keep safe.

Much love and all the best.

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