Gateway to success: Commitment in what is important leads to prosperity

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. (Elon Musk)

I am not sure whether the look on his face was that of relief or disappointment, after his failed attempt to commit suicide on an electricity post, in broad daylight—to the horror of onlookers.

As I watched the evening news, I was disturbed by this image.  More so, by the thought of a young man—led by despair and desperation—wanting to commit suicide.

A few days prior to this occurrence, I had had a conversation with a friend about someone we both knew, who one day out of the blues, decided to stop heavy drinking and smoking—inspired by hope and purpose for life.  We both agreed that he probably woke up one day and realized that there was more to life than what was before his eyes.

I think what led the second man to reach his eureka moment, was overcoming self-doubt.  How?  By determining what was import to him, and making a commitment to change his life.

When we determine what is import to us, and we pursue it with full determination—despite the odds we face in life—leads us to attain our life goals.  For sure.

The process begins when we determine what is important in our life—beyond the basic needs—that we must attain, to be able to live to our full potential.  Is it to live in peace, joy, and happiness? To have good health? To be financially independent?  To build good relations with loved ones?

When we truly know what is important to us, that which we highly value, we will be able to find a sense of purpose in our life. This is because what we value determines who we are, and the things we will pursue in life.

However, determining what is important to us is the easy part, but staying committed to pursue what we know is important to us, is the difficult part.  How then does someone go about it?

  • Make a commitment to review your past successes and failures, so that you can figure out what you want, and what you do not want in life—from this point onward. You should then use the findings to reinvent yourself, time and time again.  Doing this will make you feel motivated to create more of what lights you up.
  • Make a commitment to regularly do a soul-search, by connecting with who you really are. Do this in a way that works for you.  Some people prefer to pray, others meditate, others sit alone in a quiet place for hours, while others take long walks.  Just do what works for you.  Doing this will enable you to get out of your head and into your heart—where you will be guided to find all the right answers, of what is important to you.
  • Make a commitment to honor what you have determined to be important to you. Do this by taking action, one step at a time.  Once you get started, you will begin to feel inspired to get better and better.  And before you know it, you will feel inspired and connected with who you are—to do the things that bring you joy.

Knowing what is important to us—enables us to impact the world in ways that fulfill and satisfy us.  This is because when we know what is important to us, we become aligned to our dreams, our values, and most important, our actions.  Which then leads to prosperity – flourishing – thriving – good fortune – successful social status.  Much love and all the best!