How to reinvent your career/business and shift from autopilot to greatness – Part 3

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. (Walt Disney)

Transformation in your career/business begins the moment you acknowledge that it’s time to make a change.

Ideas, visualization, words, faith, action, or a combination of all these, will give you the power to make the transformation —from the current situation to the desired situation. How?

CAREER. After evaluating your skill-set (refer to last week’s post), there are two options to consider:

1) Acquire new skills by enrolling for a professional course.

2) Transfer your skills to another job that has compatible opportunities. For example, a French teacher many not want to be in a classroom any more, opting to become a translator (for meetings or written).

Career goals. 

For option 1, your career goals could be to change jobs within the organization to get a new title and pay. Or, to change jobs outside the organization at the same job title, or a higher position.

For option 2, your career goal would be to change jobs to a totally different field.

BUSINESS. After identifying your gift (refer to last week’s post), and you opt to venture into business, before quitting your job, develop your business plan, clearly indicating what you will do or sell. The best business solves people’s problems.

Business goals. 

Options. 1) Start your business part time while still in employment, so that you can taste the waters little-by-little.

2) There will never be a perfect condition to make your move from employment to business—unless of course you are axed—so, jump! But remember, it takes time for a business to gain traction and start earning revenue, so, put aside enough money to cushion your personal expenses for some time. Start small. Start slow. It will pay off.

I hope you enjoyed reading this three part series on ‘How to reinvent your career and shift from autopilot to greatness’. If you were inspired to take action, please do so, and should you need guidance and support for working through crucial and complex decisions, please contact a professional to mentor you. Much love and all the best!