The dos and don’ts while on a work in progress pathway

Work in progress1
You are what you do, not what you say you will do. (Carl Jung).

“Life is interesting, you can be a masterpiece in one area of your life—and a work in progress in another area of your life,” Diana said, before ending the phone call.  And I was left holding the phone next to my ear for a few seconds, my lips ajar and tongue gently resting at the top of my mouth, pondering on what she had said.  The more I did, the more the words sunk into my mind and made a lot of sense.    .

This episode took place during a catch up chat with Diana, when I tried to explain to her the reason why I had been quiet and out of circulation lately was because I am on a ‘work in progress pathway’, working on a goal that I have always wanted to pursue.

“That’s great!” Diana said with gusto, as she tried to probe for more details.

“No, it’s too early to talk about it,” I said to her.

“Okay, maybe you should hang a sign on your forehead that reads ‘work in progress’ like they do at construction sites,” Diana said jokingly.

A few days later, while visiting a relative in hospital, I had to walk a bit of a distance from the parking lot to get to the main entrance.  And what caught my attention while walking, was a section of the hospital grounds that was fenced and had a big sign that read ‘work in progress’.   And this got me thinking about my previous conversation with Diana.

On my way out of the hospital, I again passed by the construction site and for some reasons, I stopped to read all the information that was put up next to the ‘work in progress’ sign.  The information contained the ‘dos and don’ts’ for workers and visitors at the construction site.  Then out of curiosity, I tip-toed to peep through one of the gaps between the fence.  But no matter how much I tried to see what was happening inside the construction site, my vision was completely blocked, and at some point, my toes started hurting, so I had to stop and continue walking towards the parking lot.  I remember thinking, “Work in progress is what our life is all about.”

If you happen to be on a work in progress pathway in a specific area of your life—just as I am, always keep in mind that—just like the heavy machinery work that goes on inside a fenced construction site, making progress in life takes a lot of planning and hard work behind the scenes.  In addition, just like a construction site has dos and don’ts—the same applies when you are on a work in progress pathway, which helps you to take the implementation of your goals from good to great.

  • Do know that you have to work for what you truly want to achieve in life. And that is the way life is.  Start by finding your true intentions for wanting to attain a specific goal in your life.  Simply put, make sure that you really want what you say you want.  This way, your goal and your intentions will be aligned, and you will not make excuses that will inhibit the rolling out of your action plan.
  • Do know that you are unique and different, and you have different needs from others—and that it is okay. Use your differences as an asset to excel in life.  And if there is something that is holding you back from pursuing your life goals because people use it against you, well, it is time to twist the trend!
  • Don’t allow your past failures to define who you are. Instead, use the lessons learned as stepping stones to become a better person
  • Don’t allow people’s harsh comments and negativity to affect your vision.  Instead, consider the negative feedback as a blessing in disguise—and a wake-up call from settling for mediocrity

Life is about change, and the world keeps changing all the time.  If you do nothing to keep up with this change, one day you will realize that the world has changed you by default—and you may not like what you see.  So, take charge to initiate the change you want to see in your life because no one will do it for you.  Much love and all the best!