Four things to do when transitioning to a new chapter in your life

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparations. (Zig Ziglar)

The news of Wang’s nomination to give a presentation at the TED Talk made me so happy.  I remember reading her post on Facebook that day, and nodding my head with much approval for her nomination.  I did it so vigorously, that the tip of my chin almost touched my neck, because I knew she deserved the recognition.

While still reminiscing the good times I had had with Wang while working at the same organization years back, by sheer coincidence, I received a call from Pato, whom I also used to work with.

“Have you heard the news about Wang?” Pato said, and before I could respond to him—without planning, we both burst out shouting in unison, “Prepare to win and you can expect to win.” These used to be Wang’s famous phrase.

What followed was a discussion about Wang and how she had studied abroad, and when she came back to the country, she was employed for some time—and that’s how we met her—but after a short stint, she left and transitioned to self-employment.

Wang is a hard-working person who expects to win—by preparing to win big time.  She taught us that before transitioning to a new chapter in your life, you should carefully prepare the actions you need to take.  She always told us to prepare like we had never won, because the preparations will safeguard you from poor performance and outcomes.

Whatever you aspire for in life and you choose to go for it—marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  For you to succeed, it takes a lot of preparations.

From our discussions on how Wang had successfully transitioned from being employed to self-employment, we came to appreciate that preparations for high success need you to:

  • Stay committed to attaining your goals, by being clear about the things you need to do and what you need to sacrifice. And you will succeed.
  • Gain more and new knowledge in your area of focus, by discovering new things, improving ways of doing things, and experimenting new ideas. And you will be motivated to soldier on.
  • Avoid negativity which wears out the excitement you had when you started the journey of transitioning to a new chapter in your life. This will help to reduce your stress levels, boost your confidence, and help you to stay positive as you accomplish your goals.
  • Take charge of your life because no one will achieve your personal goals for you. They might help, but they will not do it for you—because they are all busy with meeting their own needs.  By doing this, you will unlock your full potential.

Truth be told, it takes a lot of preparations to transition to a new chapter in life and succeed.  Sometimes the experience can be unspectacular, but the outcome will always be spectacular.  You attract what you are ready for, so prepare and you will overcome the fear of failure, knowing that you have made all the necessary preparations!  Much love and all the best!