Pitfalls to avoid for you to stay committed to the big picture you have for your life

Big picture3
Sometimes you need to step back and think about what is really important—the big picture is a lot more important than temporary indulgences. (Ashton Morris).

I recently bumped into Njoro in the streets and he had really transformed from the person I used to know.  “You look great and you seem to be doing well, what is your secret?” I said to him, and his response caught my attention.  “Looking at the big picture.”

As he explained what he had been up to with his life, my mind went to flashback-mode, and I recollected how I met Njoro at my first job where we instantly hit it off as friends, out of pity for me—and not because he liked me.  I say this because my boss at the time was not easy to please, so, whenever I did something that he did not like—this guy would look at me and shout on top of his voice, “ W h o   h i r e d   y o u ? ”

It was a tricky question.  The person asking was the one who had hired me.  Ha-ha-ha-haaaa!

And so it became the office joke, and whenever Njoro met me along the office corridors, or when he came to my desk to inquire whether my boss was in the office, the last thing he would say jaywalking and giggling away would be, “ W h o   h i r e d   y o u ? ”  And both of us would laugh so hard that the muscles on our ribs would hurt so much.

Back to my small chat with Njoro at the shopping Mall, and he was now talking of how thinking in terms of the big picture he has for his life, guides every action and decision he makes, and this has helped him not to be a quitter, even when the going gets really tough.  He further said that when you focus on the big picture, you are able to create the life of your dreams, because it helps you to pay attention to what you want to achieve, rather than what you fear will happen to you.  “And most importantly, you will stop chasing the wrong things, which means you will end up at the right direction,” Njoro said as he slowly moved his face close to mine.

As we concluded our conversation and I was feeling so inspired from what Njoro had shared with me, I asked him what he thought were the pitfalls to avoid for you to stay committed to the big picture you have for your life, and this was his response:

  • Avoid overreacting to each unpleasant situation you encounter, otherwise you will end up becoming panicky and indecisive. The best thing to do is to analyze the situation, then you will be able to make calculated moves towards solving the problem.
  • Avoid crowding your ‘list of things to do’ with appointments and activities, to stop feeling choked—like you do not have enough time in a day to get everything done. Instead, set aside a few hours a week in your ‘list of things to do’, to rethink, plan, and strategize how you are going to attain your big picture goals.
  • Avoid isolating yourself from people who have the resources you need to attain your big picture goals, by withholding information. When you withhold information from the very people who can help you—you deny yourself an opportunity to brainstorm and bounce your ideas around to get advise.  The best thing to do is to identify someone or people who have the expertise you lack, so that they can help you with the information and resources you need.  You can also use them to challenge your thinking and assess whether your idea will work, and how you can make the necessary adjustments to your plans.

When you have a clear vision of what your big picture in life is, two things will happen.  One, you will start believing more in yourself—and know that you are good enough to do the things you want to do.  Two, you will be smart enough to know your limits.

Remember, it is the small things you do in life that add up to make your big picture.  Much love and all the best!