Essential interior factors to adapt and practice that lead to success

Don’t push growth: Remove the factors limiting growth. (Peter Senge).

“What I love about life is that everyone has a fair share of what works for them to be able to succeed in business,” Maggie said, with her left elbow rested on the table, and index finger lightly placed between her upper lip and the nose, as she took a long and deep breath.  She was in a pensive mood, as she explained to me about her journey—and the harsh realities of starting a new business.

Four years ago, Maggie’s start up business was at the verge of collapsing, and she could not understand why.  This is because according to her calculations, she had invested enough money into the business, had rented an office in one of the best locations in town, and had even bought custom made furniture for the office, from Dubai.  “I was so confused at the time,” she said, “It just didn’t make sense to me!”

Deep into our conversation, Maggie explained how in her own wisdom, and after speaking to other entrepreneurs and a few trusted friends, she came to the conclusion that success in business—and in life—is dependent on factors that come from ‘outside of you’ like capital, assets, etc., and factors that come from ‘inside of you’ like habits, positive attitude, and beliefs.  It was at this point that we both went very silent, and I remember gazing through the window that was behind where Maggie was seated, that I watched a bird seated on a branch of a tree singing away.  Pripri-Pripri-Pripri.  On-and-on the bird sang.

“So, can these two factors be classified as exterior and interior factors?”, I asked Maggie, while still watching the bird, and she said yes, rather excitedly with both her eyes wide open.

According to Maggie, the reason why her business almost collapsed four years ago was because her focus was solely on exterior factors.  Out of ignorance, she had completely overlooked the interior factors—yet both play a key role in pursuit of success in life.  She truly believes that the day she made a stern decision to pay attention to interior factors as well, things turned around for the better, and she was able to save her business from collapsing.  Today she runs a successful clearing and forwarding company.  From our discussion, the topmost interior factors to adapt and practice consistently that lead to success are:

  • Have good time management skills. This will enable you to organize and plan how to divide your time when implementing different tasks.  When you perfect the art of good time management, you will get more done in less time, even when time is tight and you are working under pressure.  Simply put, you will work smarter and not harder.
  • Prepare for each task beforehand. Doing this will place you at an advantage, so that instead of being reactive to problems that come your way—you will better manage the problems faster and efficiently in a proactive manner.  This is because you will have had a chance to think through any potential problems and how to address them.
  • Have patience. Did you know that being impatient with yourself is equivalent to self-sabotage?  Yes, it is, and you end up looking desperate and people will avoid you, and worse still, you begin to start thinking of quitting.  Patience on the other hand is a virtue that develops your skills and talents, and it also enables you to learn from your failures, as well as to remain calm even when the going gets tough.  With patients, you will soldier on with life, knowing that good things take time.
  • Have self-confidence. One of the surest ways of failing is when you try so hard to please everyone.  The fact of life is that, critics will always be there whether you like it or not.  So, the best thing to do is to ignore people who try to put you down or demoralize you, focus on what you have set your mind to do, and prove them wrong.  Surrounding yourself with people who encourage and support you is also very necessary and important.

The good thing about interior factors is that they are free, easy to learn and acquire, and the best thing is that the more you practice, the better you become.  Much love and all the best!