Rediscover your sense of purpose and you will ignite your potential

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose, and give your whole heart and soul to it. (Buddha).

The moment Triza entered the room and started walking towards me at the café, I instantly knew that she was at a good place in her life.  She was not only looking good, but her eyes were bright, and the smile on her face illuminated the whole room, as she vigorously waved at me—to indicate that she had spotted where I was seated.

“What has changed in your life?” I asked Triza, as we exchanged greetings and hugged.

“I rediscovered my purpose in life,” she responded, with a melodious giggle and eyes wide open—yet smiling.

Triza and I struck a friendship years ago, when she used to work as a bank teller near my former work place.  At the time, I used to frequent the bank a lot to collect my advance for work related travel abroad.  We soon became friends, and whenever we met, she would always ask about the places I had traveled to. In addition, we would occasionally bump into each other at social gatherings, and were friends for close to five years, before she vanished.  Just like that.  It always felt to me like it happened at the snap of my fingers. Knuuuck!

Then recently, out of the blues, close to five or six years later, I received a call from her, asking if we could meet for coffee to catch-up, as she was back in the country from studying abroad.  So here we were at the café, and Triza was telling me all about how she woke up one morning and realized that she had always wanted to work with children—and not as a bank teller, so she went back to college to study law in her late 30s, and is now practicing family law in the country, with a bias towards fighting for the rights of children.  She had rediscovered her career sense of purpose.

“Wow!” I said to her in admiration.

“That is one big purpose that you found lady,” I said—but this time round it was only said inside my head—so obviously she never heard.  (What the heck was the matter with me, was I speaking to myself again…  Hehehehe!  I do that sometimes.  Okay, most of the time.  But who doesn’t?  Anyway, back to the story…)

For the next hour or so, we spoke about purpose and how it gives meaning to life.  Purpose cannot be purchased, but it can only be created inside of you, and this is why sometimes it is easily ignored or forgotten.  To rediscover your sense of purpose when it feels fuzzy, you simply need to shift your perspective, by thinking of the dominant tasks you need to perform ‘as a calling’, rather than a duty.  When you rediscover your sense of purpose:

  • You will have a more positive outlook to life because the purpose you have in your heart will determine your actions—and your actions will lead to your success.
  • You will set priorities in life, which in turn will help you to come up with realistic and attainable short-term and long-term goals.
  • You will have inner peace and you will cherish every moment, and this in turn will enable you to live life without regrets.
  • You will appreciate that challenges that life throws at you are meant to teach you lessons, and to make you a better and wiser person to face tomorrow.
  • You will live to your full potential, and while at it, you will not be bothered or shaken about what people say or think about you.

Create the life you want to live by rediscovering your sense of purpose in every aspect of your life—health, relationships, and finances—and you will happily create the life you want to successfully live. All the best and I wish you a happy and bright future!







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