Lessons from golf on how to improve your peak performance capabilities

Causeway 2
To get game-changing results, start focusing on game-changing thoughts. (Robin Sharma)

Seated at the hotel lounge one Friday evening after work with four of my friends, we happened to be watching a golf tournament on television, and I got to learn some few lessons on why it is important for a golfer to play within the fairway.

“C-o-m-e   o-n!  Stay on the fairway,” Jemo one of the friends I was seated with burst out in frustration, sounding like he was pulling out the words with a lot of difficulty from the vocal cords rooted deep down his throat, with eyes fixed to the screen.

“Why?”, I asked, in a low tone without thinking, followed by a loud and irritating yawn.   “Eeyaahhww!”  (So annoying.  I know…  When I think back about this incident, I realize that my question was motivated by the fact that I was bored, and not because I really wanted to know what a fairway is.  And this must have irritated Jemo, because he totally ignored me).

After a short silence, I repeated my question, and this time, I did so while composed, and Jemo went on to explain that a fairway is the pathway that leads a golfer from the teeing ground to the last hole on the green.

He further said that it is very important for a golfer to hit straight balls so that he or she can play within the boundaries of the fairway where there are no obstacles.  Should the opposite happen, and a golfer keeps playing left-to-right—scattered all over the course—then the person will end up spending too much time looking for the ball under thick grass and weeds on the rough grounds, and this leads to a lot of frustration.

When the game was over and the four of us were snacking and unwinding, listening to soft music, someone brought up the topic of the relevance of playing within the golf fairway, and how the same concept applies to staying on course when it comes to attaining your life goals.  Before parting ways that evening, we all agreed that it is important to stay on course when implementing your life goals because:

1)You get to move in the right direction because you have a clear picture of where you are going, and how to get there.  When you stay on course you will gain total clarity that will enable you to focus on improving your life.

2) You get more done within a short span of time because you begin to appreciate the fact that you have the power to use time wisely (as you cannot create it) and this will drive you to be more productive and focused on results.  When you stay on course you will sharpen your skills in decision making.

3)You get outstanding results because your creativity levels will kick in—and shoot up—beyond your imagination.  When you stay on course you will be in full control of what you want to do, how to do it, and by when.

4)You get to enrich your personal growth because get to understand yourself better.   When you stay on course you will reflect on the transformation that you want to see in your life.

5)You get to develop thick-skin that will enable you to ignore people who tell you that you are not good enough, or you do not have what it takes.  When you stay on course you will believe in yourself and you will develop a positive attitude, two key ingredients for you to succeed in life.

All the best!