Three things that will help you to stay on the right track while implementing your career and life goals

If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking eventually you’ll make progress. (Barak Obama)

“I don’t think I will make it to Humphrey’s and Belinda’s wedding next week, and I feel so bad about missing it,” Kate said in frustration.  “I will be out of town that whole week, as I am part of a team that is conducting a mid-term review of my organization’s five-year strategic plan.  And why would anyone have a wedding on a week day anyway?”

I just laughed because I too could not understand why Humphrey and Belinda chose to have their wedding on a Thursday.  “Who does that!” I said as if speaking to myself, but was audible enough for Kate to hear, as I squinted my eyes and opened both my hands with palms facing up in front of my chest.  A gesture I believe spoke volumes, about how I truly felt about going to the wedding without Kate.

“Humphrey will understand,” I said. But deep inside my heart, I knew that he would not understand.  The three of us have been friends since high school, and among all our mutual friends, Humphrey was a late bloomer in the sense that he was getting married rather late—according to us—and we were so happy for him, and were so looking forward to his special day.

According to Kate, she had put in a lot of effort during the development and implementation of her organization’s five-year strategic plan.  Most of the work was her brain-child.  So she claimed.  And there was no way she was going to miss out during the mid-term review process of the five-year strategic plan, an exercise that was being conducted two and a half years since being launched.  This was very important to her.

Being a senior director in her organization, Kate knew too well the importance of conducting the mid-term review.  Mid-term review is a process of marking out the progress that has been made towards realizing the organization’s vision.  The exercise also presents a good opportunity for the management to realign its activities based on the changing circumstances—in the social, political, and economic environment—so that the organization can continue to implement its set plans towards the attainment of set goals.

The same principles of conducting a mid-term review for an organization’s strategic plan can also be applied in your life, to ensure that you remain on the right track while implementing your career and life goals.  The first thing to do is to be realistic.  Everything successfully attained in life takes time, dedication and hard work.  If you want to be on the right track while implementing your career and life goals, you need to set realistic goals and time frame to achieve them.

Next, you need to set your own standards.  Do not judge yourself according to other people’s definition of success.  Instead, decide from the onset what is most important to you when it comes to your health, finance, and relationship matters—then set an indicator that you will use to measure your progress.  For example, losing 15 kg in four months is more achievable than losing 100 kg within the same period.

Lastly, develop a bounce-back strategy.  Because it is normal to face occasional roadblocks along the way—and it happens to all of us—train yourself to treat every obstacle as a learning lesson.  When you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself, make adjustments, and start all over again until you make it.

Focus and persistence will definitely get you where you see yourself in future.  Good luck and shine bright like a diamond.