Which day of the week represents you, and why it is good to know

Seven days
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. (Albert Einstein)

With both hands on the steering wheel, I drove on the bumpy and dusty road leading towards my aunt’s homestead, then suddenly, I saw her standing by the gate, waving with so much energy and a huge smile on her face. I slowly shook my head and smiled back at her, as my car glided towards her, and was not surprised to see her standing there, because this is how she makes everyone to feel so special when you visit her.  “Which day of the week are you?” she said to me with a big grin on her face, as my car came to a halt at the parking space—even before we had exchanged greetings.

“I like Tuesdays,” I said, without giving the matter any thought.  “Wrong answer!” she said.  And we hugged and exchanged greetings after I came out of the car, and we walked to the house, chatting away about anything and everything.

Hours later, after we had had lunch and caught up with stories about family members and friends, I asked my aunt why Tuesday was a wrong answer.  Her response completely changed my perspective of life.

Our ‘active’ years of life are represented by the seven days of the week      

According to aunt Loice, who by the way is the most wonderful person I know in the whole world, we have 70 years of active life.  This means that between 0 to 70 years, we grow, develop, and make a living.  From 71 years onwards—because of the wisdom and life experiences amassed through our life journey—is the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and mentor young people.  The seven stages of life, based on what my aunt said are as follows: i) between 0 to 10 years are Mondays; ii) between 10 to 20 years are Tuesdays; iii) between 20 to 30 years are Wednesdays; iv) between 30 to 40 years are Thursdays; v) between 40 to 50 years are Fridays; vi) between 50 to 60 years are Saturdays; and, vii) between 60 to 70 years are Sundays.

Why it is good to know which day of the week represents you

As I listened to aunt Loice in awe, I could not make much sense out of what she had said, but I knew it was leading to something educative.  So, I continued to pay more attention.  “Now listen carefully,” aunt Loice said.  “When you know which day of the week represents you, you become more aware of how to plan your personal development roadmap, and once you do so, you will be able to live to your full potential.”

By knowing which day of the week represents you, your inner eyes open-up with wisdom, and you begin to actively draw a roadmap for your personal development, based on education, career, relationships, recreation, finances, spirituality, etc.  For example, Mondays (which by the way does not apply to anyone reading this blog), are still under the direct supervision of parents and guardians, which means that they need a lot of care and support to be able to learn values and ways of life.  Tuesdays spend most of their time going through education, and towards the end, plan their career pathway.   Wednesdays are building their careers, and the early-birds are settling down to start families.  Thursdays are starting families and getting their children through education, and most are at the peak of their careers.  Fridays spend bulk of their money paying for their children’s education, and at the same time, set aside money for investment.  At the Saturdays stage, children begin to leave the nest, and more time is spent on recreation and planning for retirement.  Sundays begin to retire from active employment, and spend time doing what makes them happy, including mentoring young people (mostly their children and relatives).

I am a Friday.  It has been three days since I learned about linking the days of the week with my life, and the new-found wisdom excites me very much.  This is because I am now more aware of how much time I have between Friday and Sunday, and most important, what I need to do to enjoy life.  Just think about it.