The best way to overcome certain situations in life is to accept reality then you will find a way out

Accept reality
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. (Aldous Huxley)

“Never trust your tongue when the heart is not at peace,” I read the quote aloud, while waiting in line to be served in a shop outlet recently.  Loud enough for the next person in line to hear, because she smiled at me.  For some reasons, these words lingered on my mind, as I tried to figure out what they meant.  Then suddenly I had a ‘bulb-moment’ when the words reminded me of situations in life, when you do something—but deep in your heart you know that something is not right and things are not working in your favor.  It could be a relationship that died ages ago because you and your friend have grown apart over time, a job position you have been holding for several years then suddenly you do not feel like you fit in the organization anymore, or an interest you want to pursue, but you are faced with many limitations.  You name it.

At times like this, no matter what you try to do seems hopeless, and ‘it is not business as usual’ anymore.  However, what you choose to do at this point is what makes the difference between failure and success.  The easy way out is to ignore the reality and bury your head in the sand, wishing for a miracle to happen so that the problem can simply vanish into thin air—not a wise decision to make.  The other option is to accept reality, so that you can take the necessary action towards changing and improving the situation—good decision to make.

To illustrate the importance of facing reality and taking action towards changing your circumstances, I would like to tell you about Caro.  At only 25 years old, Caro had been to hell and back—using a figure of speech to describe her early childhood, having grown up as an orphan, and living in dire poverty with her grandmother, in one of the most remote parts of the country.  After completing high school with very poor grades, she was able to move to an urban town and joined a vocational training to study front office management.  One year down the line, armed with a certificate, she eagerly started looking for a job.  Now here is the thing.  Although Caro’s pleasant personality enabled her to secure job interviews through the local recruitment agencies, she could not be hired because of the poor grades she had attained in high school.  Simply put, no one was willing to hire her, and the truth hit her after attending several interviews.  In distress but with a lot of determination, Caro approached a distant relative to finance her startup business of providing office services, and to cut a long story short, today the future now looks bright for her, as she puts together the final touches of becoming one of the newest-entrepreneurs in town, operating a small outfit of providing office services such as photocopy, document binding, typing and scanning services.  It may not be much, but it is still something, and in my views, a perfect example of moving ‘from zero to hero’.

Four easy steps to follow to eliminate the habit of burying the head in the sand.

  1. Face reality and accept the situation you are facing. Caro realized that her poor grades were hindering her from getting her ideal job, yet she did not feel inspired to resit the examination.  So rather than bury her head in the sand, she chose to change her tactics in order to succeed.
  2. Plan the way forward. Once Caro accepted her situation, she was not only well equipped to look into the options she had, but she was also able to plan ahead—by linking her plans with the vocational training she had attended.  When you bury your head in the sand, you cannot think clearly to be able to make any plans.
  3. Determination and hard work. To prove to the financier that she was taking the business venture very seriously, with determination and hard work, Caro did a lot of research to establish all the things needed to start the business—equipment, premises, licenses, and budget need for the startup.  When you bury your head in the sand, you cannot get to this level, because you will have no plan to execute in the first place.
  4. Finish what you start.  This is the last step that is very crucial when taking action towards changing and improving your situation, and move from zero to hero.