What successful people do to be who they are

Successful people
Do not dream about success – work for it instead.

As I gazed at people walking by the sideways of the streets through the window of the café, I couldn’t help but notice how easy it was to identify people’s social status—from gazing at the expressions communicated through their body language.  “That person looks happy from the way he is strolling with his hands in his pockets, whistling away,” I said in my head.  “Here comes ‘get out of my way’ from the way she’s bumping onto anyone near her, and hitting them with her big handbag that hangs on her shoulder”.  On and on I went, analyzing people as they walked by.  And it was fun.

Until suddenly, I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, and I turned my head to greet Dorcas, whom I was meeting for a coffee date.  After exchanging pleasantries, we started talking about successful people, and what makes them who they are.  It was obviously a heated discussion, as we could not agree on many things, but ended up summing up what it is that successful people do, to make them lead the pack.

  • They treat people with respect. This is because they know that it is through people that they can achieve their needs and accomplishments.  As a result, successful people respect others and treat them well.
  • They know that money is what you receive ‘in exchange of’ providing either a service or a product. This is because the plain truth is that money does not grow on trees, but is earned.    Successful people do not take short cuts when performing tasks, and do everything to the best of their ability.  They work smart and go the extra mile.
  • They do not waste time on things that do not add value. This is because they are focused, since they have already planned what needs to be done, in order to succeed in life.  Successful people are more concerned about leaving a good impression and a legacy, rather than on present gratification.
  • They know that failure is bound to happen in life, but is not final. This is because success and failure are part of life, and both cannot be overruled.  When failure comes their way, successful people never stay down, but they dust themselves and start all over again.
  • They embrace change.   This is because as the world evolves, so does life.  Successful people know that every situation will change, sooner or later.  Because of having this knowledge, they do not agonize.  Instead, they embrace change by doing things differently.