Habits that will make you succeed in life

Success comes from taking small steps
The best way to achieve big goals is to take small steps.

How you finish your life is more important than how you started. These are the words of Jeremy, who operates a successful taxi business. As I watched him being interviewed in one of the local TV channels, Jeremy explained how he grew up in a slum dwelling, but deep in his heart, he was determined to improve his life.

“After completing high school, I started a small business of selling tea to taxi operators at the main terminus,” said Jeremy. I used to wake up very early, make the tea and put it into flasks, then I would walk around selling it.  After sometime my customer-base increased, and I was able to save enough money to enroll in a driving school.

With a driving license in his pocket, Jeremy approached one of the owners of the taxi companies for employment. He worked with the company for two years, after which, he was able to raise enough money to buy a second-hand vehicle, and resigned from his job. “I operate my taxi business from the international airport, because I realized that it is assure way of always getting clients,” he said.

As Jeremy’s taxi business expanded, he got a bank loan and bought his second car, and hired a driver. Within no time, his fleet of cars had increased to a sizable number, and today Jeremy operates one of the most successful taxi business in town.

Jeremy’s memoir tells a lot about the importance of pressing on—and knowing that your level of success depends a lot on being persistent. It also leads to an understanding of how success comes little-by-little. Other habits of successful people include:

  • Keep your eyes on your goals, and always have a plan. Jeremy knew that he wanted to run a successful taxi business one day, but without a driving license, his dreams would be shattered. So he started off by operating a mobile tea selling business.
  • Network and build a good reputation with your clients, as a way of growing your business. Jeremy was able to sell good quality tea, and in return, he had many clients. More clients means more money.
  • Accept your limitations by learning how to pace yourself, step-by-step towards attaining your goals. There is a famous quote that says—Rome was not built in one day. Jeremy started by operating a mobile tea selling business. He them enrolled in a driving school, and after getting his driving license, he worked for some time. Later on he bought his first car by getting a bank loan, and eventually, he was able to start his own taxi business, which has continued to expand over the years.