Master the art of persistence and you will change your failures into achievements

Persistence 1
Never give up in life. Persist until you succeed.

“Oh no!” said Alex, when he checked his exam results online. “I have failed the statistics course again! What shall I do?”

Sitting across the table from Alex at a meeting where I was negotiating a new contract with him, I remembered the day he had failed his statistic course a second time—and how disappointment was written all over his face—very well, as though it had happened yesterday. Alex and I went to the same university, and he had faced many trials and tribulations with the statistics course.

If I remember well, he had to retake the paper three times. His situation was so bad, that the administration had threatened to disallow him from graduating, if he did not get a pass mark in the course.

The good thing about Alex is that as a student, he was persistent and refused to quit. He tried again-and-again, until he succeeded. And it paid off. Today he is a big shot at an international telecommunications company.

Persistence is one of the qualities of achievers. It is the practice of not giving up, even when the going gets tough. So how do you master the art of persistence and change your failures into achievements?

  • Firstly, and most important, is to accept that life is a process of change. As a result, it is normal to face hardships along the way. Hardships come in different ways to different people. In the case of Alex, the hardship he was facing at the time was in the area of his studies.
  • Secondly, when you decide to do something, for example taking a degree course, starting a business, etc. do not underestimate the effort and time required to get positive results. In view of this, it is important to prepare a roadmap/plan, giving a breakdown of how much time and money is require to enable you to successfully attain your accomplishments.
  • Thirdly, stay focused so that when you think of quitting, you will remember why you started. Also remember to stay healthy (eat the right foods, keep fit, think positive, etc.) so that you can have enough energy to keep going, and also to maintain the momentum to finalize your mission.
  • Lastly, seek advise from people who have succeeded in what you want to achieve. This will help you to identify any weak links, so that you can be able to adapt new methods that will enable you to get positive results, more efficiently.