Two options to consider when you do not like something

Thoughts cannot be kept secret because they slowly crystallize into habits.
Thoughts cannot be kept secret because they slowly crystallize into habits.

I arrived at the airport on time to pick up my niece who was coming to attend university in my city. The two of us had never met before, so I carefully scanned the arriving passengers while holding a name tag with Eva’s name. Soon I saw a petite lady with my resemblance—so I thought—and suspected she could be Eva. To my surprise, indeed she was. After exchanging pleasantries, we drove to her campus residence and I helped her to settle in before I left.

A few weeks later we met and she went on and on about how the university was bad and the students were equally bad. As I listened to her, I wonder what I could possible do or say, then I remembered something that my father used to tell me, “If you do not like something, change it—if you cannot change it, change your attitude”.

Since Eva’s parents had invested a lot in terms of paying tuition fee and traveling expenses among other things, I advised her to apply the option of changing her attitude, and I could see that she was a bit reluctant, but agreed to do so all the same.

We met again after a couple of weeks and she looked happy. To my surprise, this time round she was full of praises for the university and students. Amazing. “So what happened to you?” I said. “The last time we met you only had bad things to say about the university and students, and now you are full of praises!”

“I took your advice and changed my attitude,” Eva said. “Initially it was not easy, but after a while I realized that there were many good things about the university, and also after interacting more with other students, I came to learn that they were not bad people, but they only have different opinions from mine”.

From experience I have learned that:

  • When you change your attitude by altering your thoughts (positively) towards things and other people—things and other people will alter towards you
  • Complaining only puts you in a negative and unproductive state, so instead, focus on attaining your achievements

Because we do not live in isolation, we are bound to encounter certain situations that are unpleasant or make us feel uncomfortable. So remember, if you do not like something and you cannot change it, then change your attitude.