Create harmony in decisions you make by paying attention to the small voice

Aim to change for the better.
Aim to change for the better.

“The heart is never wrong”. Just like me, you have probably heard this before. I never used to think much of it, until one day when I went for a job interview, and something inside my heart made me feel very restless. The moment I arrived at the reception for the job interview, I felt something inside my heart—a small voice telling me to flee. The nagging voice stayed with me throughout the written test interview session, and everything I did to try to ignore it did not work. A few days later when I returned to the same office for the second interview, the feeling was back, and again I tried to ignore it. The interview went very well, followed by a letter of job offer.

Now here is the thing—the small voice inside my heart was still there. Throbbing like a heartbeat, and getting louder at every repetition. Telling me not to take the job. How could I not take the job? It was a good opportunity! I screamed at the voice in my mind. (Hoping it would listen and back-off).

After a lot of soul searching, I sent an email to the employer declining to accept the job offer.

Some months later, I was at a symposium and a friend introduced me to Greg, who turned out to be the person I would have reported to, had I taken the job offer that I had turned down. Since we worked in the same sector, we exchanged business cards and parted ways. As fate would have it, in the next couple of months, Greg and I kept on bumping into each other at seminars and workshop, and we became acquaintances. During one of our meetings, he told me that his project was being discontinued with immediate effect, owing to some irregularities with compliance issues—and he had to leave the country—jobless.

I felt so sorry for Greg, but very happy for myself for having listened to the small voice inside my heart that told me not to take the job offer. Phew! I too would have been facing the same predicament.

People have different names for the small voice. Sixth sense, intuition, gut feeling, strong feeling in my heart, voice of God, and many other names. The important thing is to learn how to pay attention to the small voice. It may not be easy at first, but it can be achieved as follows:

  • Pay attention to the emotions going through your mind whenever you face a situation that requires you to make a decision. It is only when you are attentive (some people refer to it as meditation) that you will hear the voice more clearly.
  • Take time off to analyze what the voice is saying to you. When in isolation, away from distraction, it becomes easy to examine your life—where you are, where you want to be, and how to achieve what you aspire for. Be guided by what is happening in the real world, and what the small voice is saying to you.
  • Trust your gut feeling. Be bold, make a decision and stick to it. 99.9 percent of the time, the small voice is always right because its role is to create harmony in your life.

I believe that the small voice is a part of you that lives in spirit-form. It is at the center of creation and knows and sees more than you do, that is why it is important to understand and befriend it, so that you can create harmony in decisions made in life.