How to get to the top

Never lose focus of your goals in life and you will eventually succeed.
Never lose focus of your goals in life and you will eventually succeed.

Suji, my cousin, used to be energetic and full of life. But that was when he was in college. Life seemed to be good then—and he was at a good place. After graduating with a degree in computer studies, his search for a job was not bearing fruits, and it started having a negative toil on him. Before we knew it, he was a quiet, withdrawn and cynical man.   What had happened to Suji? He had lost all hope for life.

“Most of the people I graduated with have jobs”, said Suji, when we met for coffee one Friday afternoon. “Look at me, I am wasting away because corruption and nepotism is controlling the employment market in this country. How can I get a job in a place like this – how?”

I looked at Suji and realized that he had a lot of negativity, which is not constructive at all, especially when someone is looking for a job. I have heard somewhere (or maybe I read somewhere—I can’t remember—that if you possess negative energy, other people can sense it, and they tend to repel from you. I guess this was happening to Suji. People who got to interact with him could feel his negative energy. I too felt like getting as far away from him as I could. But he needed someone to mentor him.

I must admit that it took a lot of convincing to tell him that he needed to change his way of viewing life, and after a long discussion, he agreed to become more positive about life. As a result, he decided to try out as a freelance consultant, providing web design services. And we parted ways.

About a year later, I met Suji and he was a completely changed man! He was energetic and spoke with a lot of optimism, but most of all, he said that his consultancy business was doing very well. I was happy that he took my advice. We all have the power within us to change gears and move to the top of our professional and personal life. The following are some suggestion I had shared with my cousin on how to get to the top.

  • Think positive. After you decide what you want to attain in life, think positive thoughts about succeeding. Say to yourself, “Yes I can!” By the way, one of my best mantras is ‘I am a winner’. I repeat it to myself whenever I am working on a life-changing or challenging task
  • Attempt fearlessly. Once you decide what it is you want to do to improve your life, eliminate any doubt and just do it! Immediately get into the implementation mode. This way, you will have no time to worry about failure. Keep trying until you become very good in whatever you do
  • Accomplish masterly. My mother used to tell me that I should always perform tasks assigned to me to the best of my ability, because by doing so, I will get the best results. And it is so true. When you put all your effort into doing something, chances of succeeding are 9 out of 10. My advise, make it your business to be the best in whatever you do.


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