If you do not like your current life situation and want things to improve—change your attitude and actions today

Positive thoughts and actions bring freedom, joy and happiness into your life.
Positive thoughts and actions bring freedom, joy and happiness into your life.

I read somewhere that the life you lead today was created by your past actions. If you do not like your current life situation, simply change your actions today to create a better tomorrow.

My first job was in a motor assemble plant. I was fresh from college and very eager to please my boss, but he was the type that was never pleased—nothing and no one was good enough before his eyes. He was an old, miserable man, who had a very sharp tongue. His words could slice through the heart like a double-edged sword, and leave deep cuts. Naturally, I avoided him like the plague, until one day I ran out of luck. Out of the blues, my boss started picking on me for small things, and my life became a living nightmare because he would shout at me at every opportunity. I used to dread going to the office every morning. This went on for some time, and I kept saying that I will persevere because I needed the job badly to pay for my degree studies, and I was also a young mother, desperate to make ends meet.

One day, all hell broke loose when my boss asked me for a certain file, and when I gave it to him, he got so mad and threw it at me—to date I have never known why he did this. His action took me by surprise, and I was paralyzed with shock for a few seconds. When I came back to my senses, I bent over to pick the file, and in the process, my trousers got torn at the back. At that particular moment—for some strange reasons—the action of being hit by the file did not annoy me as much as the humiliation of having to walk to my desk with torn trousers. I was so mad. I looked at my boss and went and sat at my desk, and continued working. I hated my job and my life.

A few minutes to office closing time, I gathered myself and walked to my boss’ office. I could tell that he was shocked to see me knocking at his door, but he had the courage to ask me to go in. Next, I told him in a very soft voice—and with a sweet smile on my face—that he had a bad attitude, and for this reason, people did not like him. I told him never to throw files at me again, because the next time he did so, he will not like me at all. After I had said this, we just stared at each other for a few seconds, and I saw something very strange inside his eyes.   I saw softness and kindness. He just smiled at me and told me to have a good evening. As I walked out of his office, I knew in my heart that I would get fired from my job.

The next day when I arrived at the office, my boss had changed. He was very nice to me and everyone. He even brought me some home baked cookies from his wife, and we became very good friends until years later, when I changed jobs. From this experience I learned a few lessons about life.

  • Your individual responsibility plays an important role in the type of life you lead. Had I kept quiet, who knows for how long the old man would have continued to intimidate me. It was my personal responsibility to confront the things I did not like, otherwise I would have continued to suffer like everybody else.
  • The vision you glorify in your heart, this you will become. I knew that I deserved to be treated with respect, and to work in a good environment. This is why I risked losing my job by confronting my boss. The vision of working in harmony gave me the strength to tell off my boss.

So, if you do not like your current life situation, change your actions and attitude today for a better tomorrow. The power to change your tomorrow is in your hands—start by doing things differently today!