Success comes by doing first-things-first

Make a choice today that everything you do draws you close to peace, joy and happiness.
Make a choice today that everything you do draws you close to peace, joy and happiness.

“I hate my job,” said Rina, a former colleague, when we recently bumped into each another in the streets. This did not come to me as a surprise, because for five years that I worked with her, she always complained about her job.

The real issue is not her job, but the fact that she has a master degree in economics, yet holds a very junior position in an international and prestigious organization. She feels that she deserves to be in a more senior position, but the pay is good and so she is not motivated to change jobs. Rina is in her comfort zone.

“Why don’t you find another job,” I said, to which she replied that her resume is not up to date. When I asked her why this was so, she said that it was because she did not have time to work on it. For five years she has not had time to update her resume! This is a typical case of procrastination.

Procrastination is the act of delaying to do something. In most cases, the outcome of the delay negatively affects your life and career.

Going back to Rina’s situation, procrastination has made her unhappy, and the consequence is having to work in a job that she hates, yet all she needs to do is update her resume, and find a more senior job.

Most times procrastination comes from fear. It could be fear of change, the unknown, or losing something. In Rina’s case, her fear is moving out of her comfort zone.

The solutions of overcoming the bad habit of procrastination are: i). identify the aim of performing the task(s) at hand; ii) write down what will happen if you do not perform the task(s)—and how it will affect your life; iii) make a list of action points that will enable you to implement the task(s); iv) breakdown the action points into two categories, urgent and important—urgent action points being critical tasks that must be implement, while important action points are those that need your attention, but are not necessarily a high priority; and, v) implement the task(s) by starting with urgent action points, followed by important ones.

When you overcome your fears about any particular issue, and stop the bad habit of procrastination, you will be in a better position to do things that make you succeed in life and career.

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